Construction steel cutting

7/20/21, 7:22 AM

Thermal cutting using oxy-acetylene or oxy –propane burner is a traditional method of mild steel cutting. This process is used for cutting mild steel, depending on production needs, with a thickness from 4 mm. However, a wide heat affected zone may cause deformation of the thin sheet material. On the other hand, with thick materials – 35 mm and more – so-called oxyfuel cutting can be more efficient and cheaper. The maximum thickness of the material that can can be worked on our machines is 300 mm.

Plasma cutting is certainly more accurate (especially in High Definition) and with a narrow heat affected zone allows cutting of thin sheets – just from 0,5 mm. So it opens up new possibilities for shapes cutting.

For thin sheets there is widely used laser cutting, but properly selected and calibrated High Definition Plasma allows to get similar quality parameters and is definitely cheaper.

So you can't say, that plasma is better than oxygen for mild steel cutting, or vice versa, because it is dependent on the production profile.

It is important to analyze the technological and economic aspects, like:

  • material thickness
  • required cutting speed
  • number of piercings
  • duty cycle

In any event, our qualified consultants will analyze your problem during personal visit and according to set parameters offer you the appropriate technology and the right machine.

To choose the right solution for your needs, before buying a cutting machine, we enable to make practical tests of cut in our factory. During such test phase you are welcome and you can convince yourself that your expectations can be met.

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