Laser cutting

7/16/21, 9:51 AM

Laser cutting is the most modern method of thermal separation of material. It is very precise and very fast. Enables cutting of different types of steel and non-ferrous metals. The range cutting depends of the laser power source.

In the standard solution users using CO2 lasers. Laser beam is generated in resonator where atoms of carbon dioxide are activate. This solution is very popular, however costly to maintain, service nad the most important this type has big consumption of energy.

The latest solution, based on technology "Fiber" generates the beam and send it to the head via fiber, which expands possibilities of this machine, and significantly reduces maintenance costs (service, enery). The biggest difference between CO2 and Fiber laser is that Fiber source doesn't has optic inside. The lase beam is carried from source to cutting torch by fiber. In CO2 solution was carried beam to cutting torch by mirrors.

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