Plasma cutting machines

The history of plasma cutting dates back to the 1950s. Initially, the technology was used for processing stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum, but it has evolved over the years. Currently, it can cut all materials that conduct electricity. The plasma cutting machine is based on a plasma electric arc that melts and ejects the material from the cutting slot.

How to choose plasma cutting machine

First of all, you should decide what materials will be processed on the cutting machine. Plasma cutting machines are suitable for materials that conduct electricity well because they are based on the use of a plasma arc. Manual devices cut metal sheets up to 75 mm thick, and the capabilities of the mechanical systems are up to 100 mm thick. A CNC plasma cutting machine is used to process metal sheets, pipes, profiles, etc.
Currently, plasma cutting machines are the most popular cutting solution on the industry market. They offer a lot of possibilities and combine high speed with precision. It is also very safe because the plasma is supplied with clean air and electricity so there is no risk of explosive gas explosions. In addition, the controllers are easy and intuitive to use, so they do not require long training and extensive experience from the operator. The cost of investment in a plasma cutting machine concerning the benefits is relatively low, especially as they are more and more popular.

Plasma cutting machine applications

CNC plasma cutting machine is mostly used for processing and cutting parts made of aluminum, mild and stainless steel, brass, and cooper. It is very efficient while cutting pipes as well. Due to the wide offer of additional equipment, the user can also apply functions such as drilling, plasma marking, or punch marking. A plasma cutting machine’s main asset is undoubtedly cutting speed. In addition, when cutting with plasma, a very small gap is created, and cutting very thin materials is possible without the risk of overheating. Generally, plasma systems operate without preheating, which is advantageous in terms of processing time.


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