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Novelties in the field of cutting and processing profiles. ESP system & SPA function.

Solutions offered by Eckert company bring new quality of profile cutting. Cutting and processing as well as making through-holes are significatnly improved and precise as ever.

The rule of operation and the use of an oxygen-acetylene torch in industry

What is an oxy-acetylene torch used for? Oxy-acetylene torches using the gas cutting method are one of the most popular tools for separating metals with low-alloy and low-carbon properties. The process of cutting metal consists in bringing it to a temperature at which it burns on contact with the torch and volatizes in the form of metal oxide. Such an effect is possible only thanks to the use of appropriately constructed torches that can mix oxygen with specific proportions of combustible gas.

Industry 4.0 concept – requirements towards users in the age of 4th industrial revolution

Discover the world of the latest changes and technologies introducted along with the 4th industrial revolution. Solutions offered by the leader of the CNC trades will suprise you with its innovation!

What is worth to know about plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting is surely the most popular CNC cutting technology. Due to many years of our experience in machine construction and manufacturing we decided to present some advices for plasma cutting. Our base were problems which we met in daily work. We hope they can make easier machine operators work and will incline to better caring for cutting machine.

Composites cutting via CNC cutting machines

CNC cutting machines are generally associated with metal parts tooling…or eventually with stone parts tooling. However, two cutting technologies - waterjet cutting and laser cutting allow tooling of more kinds of materials. Interesting example are plastics. They are used in industry more and more often, mainly because of their features. Very desirable are materials which keep high strength level but still stay light and flexible. What are they in tooling process? Is it possible to cut them alike? For presenting problem interestly, there are submitted few examples of composite materials below.

Situation and development trends in the sector of CNC cutting machines

CNC cutting machines only outwardly do not change. In fact, this sector is strongly based on innovations which are still implemented in new devices. However for this time there is no chance to appearing new cutting technology, development focuses on optimizing of parameters which decide about attractiveness of device for user. The best solutions are included by patents because they warrant achieving of uniqueness of producer and have influence for competitors.

I would like to buy the fiber laser cutting machine - how and why?

What is the reason that more and more entrepreneurs decide to buy  cutting machines that cut in fiber laser technology? Just one thing is certain - the price is no reason in this case. The cost of this kind of machine is the highest. So it must offer some possibilities that make it technology leader.

What do you need to know before buying a waterjet cutting machine?

The waterjet cutting technology is getting more and more popular. It delivers a lot of possibilities that are not achieved with other cutting technologies. The important advantage is for the example lack of heat affected zone. Thanks to that water can cut almost every type of material.

Non-ferrous metals cutting

For cutting non-ferrous metals, you can use several common technologies, like laser, plasma or water (hydroabrasive) cutting. To choose the right one you should analyze thickness of the material, required precision and of course economic aspects.

Plastics cutting

For cutting plastic, depending on the type of material we can offer our customers such cutting technologies as laser or water (hydroabrasive) cutting.

Stone cutting

Until recently, stone cutting was associated with saws or diamond discs, which allowed for cutting stone in a straight line. Today there are new technologies that open new roads, new possibilities.

Pipes cutting and beveling

Engineers from ECKERT company developed modern and innovative system which allows curve cut of pipes and direct preparing in these pipes suitable welding chamfers. Merging 3D cutting devices, advanced software, welding experience and mathematical knowledge allowed to implement system which makes possible creating of complicated tubular constructions.

Stainless steel cutting

For cutting stainless steel, you can use several common technologies, like laser, plasma or water (hydroabrasive) cutting. To choose the right one you should analyze thickness of the material, required precision and of course economic aspects.

Construction steel cutting

Thermal cutting using oxy-acetylene or oxy –propane burner is a traditional method of mild steel cutting. This process is used for cutting mild steel, depending on production needs, with a thickness from 4 mm. However, a wide heat affected zone may cause deformation of the thin sheet material. On the other hand, with thick materials – 35 mm and more – so-called oxyfuel cutting can be more efficient and cheaper. The maximum thickness of the material that can can be worked on our machines is 300 mm.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more?

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