Modernisation as an alternative for purchasing new machine

10/3/22, 12:35 PM

Why is it so important to properly equip your machine park?

A very well equipped machine park is an inseparable element of a modern factory. In fact, for many companies it is a base for proper running and a door to well-functioning production chain. What is a machine park? Straightforwardly, it is the company’s equipment background. Machines and devices that are responsible for running production line. Each of them fulfills the particular function, and it’s usually fitted perfectly to the enterprise’s needs. So the production of high quality elements that follow all required standard is possible.

An efficient machine park is responsible for the production line

All machines and devices have to be serviced regularly and their technology has to be improved to achieve the best possible capacity of a machine park. The whole equipment should be improved to keep up with all novelties and changes. Mostly, it is related to purchasing a new machine, but there are other solutions. They allow upgrading a machine without excessive costs. It is a modernization that helps regain the machine’s original efficiency and boost its functionality and effectiveness. As a result, technology and technique are much better, and so is the company’s financial condition.

How to avoid unnecessary downtimes?

CNC cutting machines are implemented both in huge industrial factories and in SME areas. Often, they work continuously during 2 or even 3 shifts. Sometimes their work never stops. So they wear out faster and malfunction may happen more often. Then service is welcomed but even one of the best in the world can’t prevent changes caused by naturally floating time. Older machines are more often exposed to malfunctions that may significantly influence the company’s budget. Their repair usually costs more, parts are less accessible, not to mention downtimes. It is worth mentioning that a thorough review is run during the modernization. It reduces the possibility of occurrence of mechanical malfunctions during the machine’s standard work. Then their repair is much more expensive and difficult due to the availability of mechanical parts for older machines.

Advantages of modernization

The choice of new technologies and implementation of modern solutions lead to optimization of production processes. And this is the opportunity to be at the forefront of the industry. Modernizations stand for exceeding the portfolio and possibilities of a company. Running a modernization is often caused by the need for compilation with new components. A complex and professional modernization usually includes a machine control system, safety system, mechanics, and elements responsible for work safety and controllers. The old machine is a base for gaining a fully functional and safe machine that does not differ from what is new on the market. In this way, the device will be able to work for the company for several years.

Upgrade your Eckert cutting machine

As an experienced manufacturer of CNC cutting machines, Eckert steps out and delivers solutions for customers needs. Many of our machines have been working in factories in Poland and around the globe. Our service keeps an eye on customers inquiries, offers remote advances, and visits customers at their production plants. Due to the dynamically developing situation in the industrial market and the possibilities that appear in the field of technology, customers are increasingly asking for an offer related to the modernization of a CNC cutting machine. Depending on the needs and requirements of the client, our experts offer a wide range of services in this field. Most often, customers are interested in changing the cutting machine working area, updating the controller, and replacing the drives. Some consider adding a carriage with an oxygen burner, adding a plasma aggregate, or just modernizing the latter. Naturally, we also offer a comprehensive overhaul of the cutter. It is worth mentioning our ConnECKt 4.0 software in the Retrofit version, which allows its implementation in older cutting machines. Thanks to this, older models of CNC cutting machines can also find themselves in the reality of Industry 4.0!

Check out or wide offer

Modernization is a perfect solution for upgrading the machine park while maintaining the highest level of safety, greater efficiency and accuracy of machines without investing in new machines and devices. Through modernization, the company and its employees gain new quality, and new opportunities, while saving on the difference in the purchase, implementation of the machine in the plant, adaptation of other devices and appropriate training of employees. If you are interested in such a solution, contact us.

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