Pipes cutting and beveling

7/20/21, 7:26 AM

Engineers from ECKERT company developed modern and innovative system which allows curve cut of pipes and direct preparing in these pipes suitable welding chamfers. Merging 3D cutting devices, advanced software, welding experience and mathematical knowledge allowed to implement system which makes possible creating of complicated tubular constructions.

Previously intersections of pipes were prepared only by hand. The cut edge was copied from a paper stencil on a pipe and then material was cut out by a hand torch. This process was arduous and not effective. In the addition it was easy to make a mistake during creation of joints from several pipes. Basic defects of such solution are low quality of cut, time-consuming and a lack of preparation for welding.

Today thanks to the innovative system of ECKERT company for preparation of tubular connections we can use CNC portal cutting machines with 3D Flex Head and robots. These devices assure high quality of cut, precision, efficiency and repeatability. And what is important - both solutions perfectly prepare welding chamfers directly during the cut process. Therefore cut pipes can be used for creating of welded constructions without necessity of additional machining.

The complicated edges of pipes intersection are created by special software added to the system. The intuitive interface of the software makes possible to create any curves on edge of pipe by setting only few basic parameters.

The software automatically chooses the suitable kind of preparation for welding giving suitable chamfers and applies it on whole cutting edge. For minimising the risk of mistake the software is equipped in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and window of 3D visualization where user can continuously check effects of his modifications. Built-in 3D simulation module allows to preview the cut process on screen of monitor.

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