Plastics cutting

7/20/21, 7:29 AM

For cutting plastic, depending on the type of material we can offer our customers such cutting technologies as laser or water (hydroabrasive) cutting.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting machines allow very precise separation of many plastics. PVC, PMMA, ABS and other plastics can be machined this way. However, it shoud be taken into account that, despite of narrow heat affected zone, cut edges will be melted. Depending on the type of plastic, the melting zone can be wider or more narrow. It should be practically checked on the specific detail and the type of material.

Water cutting (hydroabrasive)

Cutting with a stream of water practically has no limits in terms of application materials. Through the lack of heat impact zone, the edges of cut element are not melted, maintaining the highest quality (it doesn't require additional treatment).

Examples of use the cut plastics: Cutting PMMA (plexiglass), PVC cutting, cutting rubber, foam cutting.

In any event, our qualified consultants will analyze your problem during personal visit and according to set parameters offer you the appropriate technology and the right machine.

To choose the right solution for your needs, before buying a cutting machine, we enable to make practical tests of cut in our factory. During such test phase you are welcome and you can convince yourself that your expectations can be met.

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