What do you need to know before buying a waterjet cutting machine?

7/20/21, 7:32 AM

The waterjet cutting technology is getting more and more popular. It delivers a lot of possibilities that are not achieved with other cutting technologies. The important advantage is for the example lack of heat affected zone. Thanks to that water can cut almost every type of material.

The entrepreneur who wants to invest in waterjet cutting machine must analyse market well to choose the best option. The available technologies develop so fast, so it is necessary to know every news from the market.

The Eckert company still develops its products to be up to date with customers needs. The inspirations are customer’s opinions, its own experience and engineers creativity. There are some news from the Eckert company below. They were created lately and became dedicated especially for waterjet cutting machines.

  1. “The waterjet cutting cost is so expensive”. The Eckert Company proposes a patented solution that can reduce cutting costs and make the cutting process up to 10 times faster than simple waterjet. The idea is basing on a combination of plasma and waterjet cutting technologies . More and more entrepreneurs decide to use this option. Then they choose the Eckert machine named Opal WaterJet Combo.

  2. The inherent element of working with waterjet cutting machines is the connection to a high pressure pump. Using a pump requires to keep water quality parameters on a suitable level. They are necessary to stable machine working and lifetime of consumables. Every issue with the pump that stop it causes also a machine stop. Eckert company gives the possibility to reduce this risk. Now it is possible to buy a pump equipped by two intensifiers . It prevents interrupting the cutting process because there is always one intensifier ready to work. There is no need to wait for technical service.

  3. During the waterjet cutting there is created the negative effect of the cone. It consists on the uneven space between elements (the upper gap is wider than the lower one). Some solutions for this are already available. One of these is innovative cutting head Pro-X 3D FL. This cutting head works in 5 axis and realizes the best precision of cutting in three-dimensions . Maximal angle is + / - 60 degrees. 

  4. The suitable water quality is the one of the terms of optimal working. If there is any deviation from the norm, the lifetime of consumables can be strongly influenced. If the problem is for example incorrect water hardness, Eckert company proposes a unique water softening system which is based on individual water analyze from every customer. This solution provides longer lifetime of consumables in the high pressure pump and in the cutting head.

Our salesmen always are able to say more about some news from Eckert company. Many of these are also dedicated for the waterjets. New solutions are created every day. It is very important to get to know something new as often as is possible.

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