Boost plasma cutting process with Micro-joint 2.0

11/1/22, 8:22 AM

CNC cutting machine manufacturers outdo each other in providing solutions for process optimization. The main focus is on those that improve CNC cutting efficiency thanks to a plasma arc. Plasma cutting technology is the most popular among customers because of its many advantages. Like any method, this one also has limits.

Mostly deformation of a part is caused by thermal stress during the cutting of narrow and long elements. The intensive work of Eckert constructors allowed us to create a solution that eliminates the above problem. And this is Micro-joint 2.0. During cutting, the operator can freely adjust the parameters and adjust the thickness of the “non-cut” material and the length of the joint. There’s no need to re-ignite the plasma arc, so the wear of the fast-wearing parts in the torch is reduced. Those who produce small details will be surely pleased thanks to the Micro-joint 2.0. They will never again have to spend extra time looking for elements at the bottom of the table. Because Micro-joint 2.0 is a deliberate and adjustable undercut of the material so that all details remain on the table grid.

As the name suggests, Micro-joint 2.0 is an improvement on a micro-scale but still stands for huge support for an operator. Check out our video that presents how Micro-joint 2.0 works.

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