Cutting technology set

3/23/22, 10:21 AM

Plasma and waterjet cutting combination

Opal Waterjet Combo cutting machine appeared on the market at the time while both large industrial companies and service enterprises experienced a boom. Diverse customers' needs and a variety of cut materials inspired Eckert constructors and designers to create a machine that will be the answer for every order. And this is how the water-plasma cutting machine Opal Waterjet Combo came into being.

Currently, Opal Waterjet Combo cutting machine in different combinations and configurations works in several dozen plants located in Poland and in the whole world. One of them is Autokomplet II (Lublin-based), a company focused on delivering steel construction. Although, they can boast about setting up the whole industrial hall.

Check out our video. President of Autokomplet II Grzegorz Piłat tells about cooperation with Eckert company, implementing the cutting machine, and real benefits that it brought to his business.

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