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4/12/22, 12:15 PM

Although many parts look alike, they are used to different purposes. Left and right thermal covers of the CNC cutting machine. That’s why easily identified parts should be at your fingertips right away. And this is the moment when pneumatic punch marking enters the stage.

Pneumatic puncher is a tool used for fast part describing, without the effect of the heat. Following materials can be marked: mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, before cutting with oxygen or plasma. It happens before cutting parts, with plasma or oxy. Signs are permanently imprinted on the cut material, allowing unambiguous identification of the element. It is quite useful, especially when EN 1090 is brought to the table. Multi-strike function is worth mentioning since it punches several times into the same position to ensure deeper marks on the material surface. This provides better visibility on metal sheets after painting.

Pneumatic puncher does not require operator’s involvement. Manual marking is eliminated so both production and labor costs are reduced. Puncher has 5 different texts sizes so it fits everyone needs. Enjoy!

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