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8/27/21, 7:25 AM

CNC cutting machine operators who work on Eckert machines on a daily basis are invited to take part in professional training. We run courses for users of plasma, oxygen and water cutting machines.

Why is it worth taking part in a training?

  • improve the quality of final product

  • reduce the cutting costs

  • increased lifespan of spare parts (up to 25% savings compared to consumption before training)

  • valid operation and maintenance of the cutting machine significantly reduces the number of breakdowns/downtimes

  • Increased efficiency, reduced number of waste

We offer two variants of training:

  • one-day theoretical: for operators who have already taken part in initial training after the machine assembly

  • two-days: Combination of theory and practice for those who have not took part in initial training or want to brush up their knowledge & skills

Training is run on the machine used in the client's production plant to maximize the efficiency of knowledge and experience transferred. After completing the training, participants receive a certificate.


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