Novelties in the field of cutting and processing profiles. ESP system & SPA function.

12/8/21, 12:17 PM

What exactly are profiles and what can they be used for?

Steel, aluminum and stainless profiles undoubtedly became a part of modern world. There is no branch of the economy in which their diversity is not used. Production plants deliver profiles of different length, width and wall thickness. Profiles can be square, rectangular or round. They are used to build different constructions such as supporting construction, railings, fences or part of a crane or machine. As their construction and the visual aspect are of the greatest importance, cutting and processing profiles should result in products of the highest possible quality.

Which cutting technologies are used to process profiles?

Traditionally, profiles were cut and processed on machines that required performing many additional activities, which significantly expanded treatment time and generated bigger costs. Introduction of CNC cutting machines to the market was the first step to change the face of processed profiles. Gradually, new technologies appeared that coped better and better with the processing of components. Nowadays, laser cutting and plasma cutting are the most popular methods of separating various materials. The primer offers unique precision and lack of possible material deformations. Unfortunately, laser cutting is a technology from the top shelf. Much more interesting alternative is plasma cutting machine that achieve similar parameters and cutting results like laser. Plasma cutting is melting process in which a jet of ionised gas is used to melt and expel material from the cut. Its main advantages are cutting speed, wide range of cutting thickness and very narrow heat-affected zone, which make it perfect method for cutting and processing profiles.

ESP –  Convenient system for cutting and processing profiles

Along with the development of technics and technology, processes of cutting and treating profiles have undergone many metamorphosis and several improvements. Additional functions have been implemented as well. One of the is profile cutting system ESP located  outside the cutting machine’s working area. It’s a perfect solution, especially for processing long elements. Gantry has a special extension that allows for  the free movement of the support over the rotator, which controls the rotation of the profile. With the help of a few or even a dozen or so supports, long or heavy elements are easily stabilized and their height adjustable. The entire system is set outside the machine’s working area, which allows for convenient loading or unloading of profiles using a crane or forklift truck. It also guarantees operator safety and minimizes damage to the machine.

Profile tolerance measurement function that is SPArkling solution

Cutting profile is not always a final production process. Often there is a need of additional treatment. One of the most common changes to the profile is through-holes. Such profile can be used to create a complicated support construction or tubular tower. Obviously, such structure requires the best possible precision.

Companies outdistance each other in solutions that optimise production processes. To face customers’ expectations we implemented innovative function of measuring profile tolerance – Smart Profile Adaptation (SPA). This is a perfect solution that exclude deviations due to distorted profiles. The most common deviations include concavity/convexity, non-perpendicularity, twist in length and curvature at corners. To achieve the best possible quality during cutting through-holes, SPA function analyses quality of the profile for discrepancies. Number of performed measurements is based on needs. Full automation excludes possible errors in profile positioning. In case of deviations, the SPA system adjusts the program to the profile curvature. Ultimately, thanks to SPA, the machining process is optimized, minimize errors and reduces costs and production waste. This is a completely new era of profile cutting. Watch the material that presents our new feature!


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