Onyx 3D in Romanian shipyard

9/19/18, 7:54 AM

In November 2017 next plasma-oxygen CNC cutting machine was implemented by foreign recipient. This time the customer is an international company from shipyard sector VARD. VARD has 9 shipyards on whole world - 5 in Norway, 2 in Romania, 1 in Vietnam and 1 in Brazil. Eckert ONYX 3D cutting machine became part of the machine park of Romanian department in Dulcea.

The most important features of Eckert ONYX 3D CNC cutting machine from VARD are:

  • working dimensions: 3000 x 24000 mm,
  • CNC i-Vision controller with 19” touch screen,
  • plasma cutting head Vortex 3D thermal  heat protection of machine bridge,
  • latest plasma aggregate Hypertherm XPR300 with TrueHole technology and VWI gas console(Vented Water InjectionTM),
  • Oxygen cutting support up to 300 mm thickness,
  • Automatic gas management for Oxygen cutting,
  • Filtering unit PFC-12 PLUS.

We invite you to visit our photo gallery with pictures of Eckert ONYX 3D at VARD company.

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