Onyx 3D in slovenian company Kostroj-Strojegradnja

9/19/18, 7:46 AM

Kostroj-Strojegradnja is slovenian company that´s specialization is machine building. These machines are used in many industry sectors, for example: leather, steel, paper and automotive. Latest CNC cutting machine at Kostroj machine park is Eckert ONYX 3D with working dimensions 2500 mm x 12 000 mm. This is a plasma-oxygen CNC cutting machine which is equipped with:

  • Modern i-Vision CNC controller with 19’’ touch screen,
  • Dynamic plasma cutting head Vortex 3D  
  • Auto calibration equipment for Vortex 3D,
  • plasma source Hypertherm HPR400XD,
  • Truehole technology for plasma source Hypertherm HiDefinition,
  • Oxygen cutting torch up to 300 mm material thickness,
  • Automatic gas management with proportional valves for Oxygen cutting,
  • 700 mm gantry extension for cutting of tubes/profiles etc.
  • thermal heat protection for the gantry,
  • filtering unit PFC-8 Plus 7,5 kW,
  • Lantek Expert II software with Bevel 3D module,
  • Lantek Flex 3D software for tube cutting.

Below we present some pictures of CNC cutting machine Onyx 3D at Kostroj-Strojegradnja company.

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