Shipbuilding industry in Szczecin, Poland

10/25/17, 7:15 AM

After some years from liquidation of Szczecin Shipyard, shipbuilding industry in Stettin begins to be reborn slowly. There is communicated a domestic repair program for the Polish old potency. Realization of this program destinations should generate the greatest shipbuilding potency in the Baltic area. In that segment it would be also one of the greatest companies in Europe.

New shipyard is created as a consortium of many companies which work presently in shipbuilding industry, in an area of old shipyards near Stettin. Destination of this project is more and better utilization of industry possibilities of Polish offshore. One of the companies which can be named foundations of rebuilding shipbuilding industry in Szczecin is “Szczeciński Park Przemysłowy” (Eng: Szczecin Industrial Park). It was created in an area of 45 haat old Stetin shipyard territory. It is placed in north-east part of Szczecin, about 2 km from city centre.

Infrastructure of “Szczeciński Park Narodowy” (Eng: Szczecin National Park) based generally on objects characteristic for shipbuilding  like perfectly hoisted halls, ramps, docks, warehouses, prefabrication and storage places. Most of these objects are used universally and they are attractive for bulky steel constructions production, including ships production.

One of machines working at Szczecin industrial park is Sapphire model - plasma-oxygen CNC cutting machine  by Eckert. This is cutting machine with working table  3.000 X 24.000 mm and bridge extension of 700 mm for tube cutting.

Machine is equipped with:

  • Eckert PFC12 filtering unit
  • Eckert ESR600 tube cutting system for tubes up to 600 mm diameter
  • Harris oxygen torch
  • Eckert Vortex 3D plasma cutting head
  • Hypertherm HPR400XD plasma aggregate with automatic gas console
  • Lantek Flex3D software and Lantek Expert II with Bevel 3D module

Implementation of Sapphire cutting machine in company from shipbuilding industry confirms it is really machine for special tasks and it works even in the hardest surrounding.

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