1400th Eckert CNC cutting machine

2/8/18, 7:25 AM

There is freshly March and Eckert company already achieved great success. We are very proud to inform that we just sold the 1400th cutting machine! On this occasion we present just a position of the most important information about our cutting machines:

  • Eckert cutting machines were till this time implemented in more than 30 countries on whole world, for example in: Germany, Holland, Finland, Russia Algeria, etc.
  • names of all Eckert cutting machines are inspired by precious stones. Till this time were for examples: Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Jantar, Agat, Opal, Diamond and Onyx,
  • in Eckert factory were developed first polish machines which were able to compete with the biggest global companies,
  • previous version of Ruby cutting machine was first world machine with a cantilever design with three independently controlled supports,
  • Eckert company as first in Europe used PC class computers for controlling of cutting machines,
  • as first on whole world we used line for cutting and profiles tooling with full process controlling of 21 axis via PC computer,
  • as first in Europe we used 6 independently controlled tools in cutting machine,
  • first in Europe we used positioner outside on bridge for pipes tooling,
  • one of the first in Europe we offered cutting and beveling 3D with cutting machine for plate,
  • as first on world we used PCS system for laser cutting,
  • as only on world we construct patented cutting machine with Combo technology (connection of plasma and waterjet cutting in Opal Waterjet Combo).

Machine number 1400 will be implement in Belarus. It will be Jantar model with Hypertherm plasma source.

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